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PowerShell Switch Statement

6 minute read

In this post we will see uses of Switch statement in PowerShell, advantages it offers over if/else construct and how to use a switch with multiple conditions

CentOS 8 - No updates available

less than 1 minute read

After deploying a new CentOS server and running a dnf update you could receive a Nothing to do, Complete! message despite updates being available

Upgrade PowerShell 7 version

less than 1 minute read

In this post we will explore how to easily and effectively upgrade PowerShell 7 when a new version is released

PowerShell string concatenation

2 minute read

Concatenating strings in PowerShell is a common task in this short post I will give some tips to avoid the performance penalty associated with the task

PowerShell parse EML files

4 minute read

EML are a proprietary, and almost, obsolete used to represent an email message in encoded format which is not easy to parse for automation purposes