Check if computer is connected to Domain Network

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Remote or Domain Network?

In our connected world sometimes we need to find out if a computer is connected to the domain network or a remote one for example if we need to run a script only when user is in the corporate network.

I had to solve this challenge to accommodate a configuration deployment via SCCM only for users that were physically connected to the domain network via VPN or cable.

Luckily enough the System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.Domain class allows us to get this information pretty easily with code similar the following:


The above will return information about the forest and domain similar the following if computer can reach a domain controller

# Output
Forest                  : test.lab
DomainControllers       : {DC01.test.lab}
Children                : {}
DomainMode              : Windows8Domain
DomainModeLevel         : 5
Parent                  :
PdcRoleOwner            : DC01.test.lab
RidRoleOwner            : DC01.test.lab
InfrastructureRoleOwner : DC01.test.lab
Name                    : test.lab

On the other hand if computer is connected to a remote network an exception will be returned.

Putting all together this can easily be turned into a script similar the following:

  # Check if computer is connected to domain network

  Write-Host 'Domain Network'
    Write-Host 'Remote Network'

Using a simple Try/Catch block we have our script verify if computer should execute some code or not.